Apr 1st

For Immediate Release: The Penny Ice Creamery Selected For The Food Capsule Project

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Santa Cruz, CA (April 1, 2016) – The Penny Ice Creamery founded in 2010 by Santa Cruzans Kendra Baker and Zachary Davis has been selected for inclusion in “The Food Capsule Project”, a multidisciplinary initiative of the University of California system led by the Gastronomica Journal at UC Santa Cruz and the advanced energy research division of Lawrence Livermore Labs. Intended to capture a snapshot of dining in the early 21st century, The Food Capsule Project will preserve iconic food items in a “food vault” for distant future analysis and study.

“It’s already frozen” said Chef Baker. “So I guess we’re making their job a little easier.”

Baker refers to the scoops of “Dark Chocolate Sorbet”, “Straight Up Strawberry” and “Verve Coffee with Chocolate Almond Praline” selected for inclusion in the collaboration between the Anthropology Department at UC Santa Cruz and Lawrence Livermore Labs. The goal to develop a chamber capable of holding everyday food items in their original state for a millennium or more proved more successful than anticipated.

“As a community we have unearthed beautifully preserved humanoid records dating back hundreds, even thousands of years,” said Anthropologist Helmut Simon. “Yet the likelihood that we will leave a similar anthropological record for the future is in some doubt.”

To combat the uncertainty swirling around climate change and its impact on the human record, Lawrence Livermore Labs, and their notoriously guarded research, was willing to share with the the UCSC Anthropology department a nascent technology enabling long term food preservation.

“They said ‘We can freeze whatever you got for… maybe two thousand years’ and we said ‘Hmmmm, sounds delicious!'”, said Anthropology graduate student Yang Zhifa.

The collaboration yielded a self contained, and self powered, chamber capable of hosting over 100 meals. Potential “preservation sites” for the chamber include guarded closely locations beneath the Hetch Hetchy dam system and an undisclosed location within the Swiss Alps.

Yet despite all the technology and security surrounding the project, food remains the primary focus.

“The jury is till out which burger will be selected,” said Helmut Simon. “I am pushing for something local to Santa Cruz proper but In-N-Out is very popular. Maybe that Assembly burger…”

The project is not without controversy. Several UCSC student groups have called for protest of the initiative on varying grounds.

“Why are we putting perfectly good ice cream in a container where we can never taste it?” Shouted an unnamed activist at a recent rally who asked to be identified only as Mr. Thaw. “Free the Penny ice cream!”

When reached for comment Penny Ice Creamery founder Davis said “It’s a great honor to be included in the project, but we’re also very happy to be making ice cream for people to eat today!”


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Sep 8th

For Immediate Release: The Penny Ice Creamery Transparency Report

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You may be aware of information coming to light regarding how the National Security Agency (NSA) gathers information on people in this country and around the world. You may also be aware that some companies, such as Yahoo, are releasing reports detailing their interactions with the NSA and the information they disclose.

Here at the Penny Ice Creamery we want you to know that your information is safe with us. If you eat ice cream before lunch on Tuesdays, we won’t tell. If you only ever get Tahitian Vanilla Bean ice cream, even though your girlfriend is always urging you to try new flavors, that’s ok (and let’s be honest, that vanilla is pretty darn amazing). If you like the toasted marshmallow fluff because it tastes good but also because, well, you know, blow torches are kinda neat, nobody has to know. If you ordered the chocolate sorbet with a huge smile on your face, took a bite before you even paid, and then cried a little bit from sheer joy, we know who you are, but we’re not going to tell.

True, we’ve never actually had any inquiries from the NSA about who likes their scoop in a cone, and who likes it in a dish with cone crumble on top, but if anyone starts poking around wanting to know who tried the kale ice cream when we had it a couple weeks ago they’ll get nothing from us. We strongly believe that whatever goes on between you and your delicious treat from the Penny Ice Creamery is your business, and we will work hard to keep it that way.

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Feb 25th

This week at the Penny Ice Creamery 2/25/2013

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What’s going on this week with the Penny Ice Creamery? Tonight we are hosting a fundraiser at the Downtown shop for Alay, a UCSC student group focused on personal expression. 10% of sales from 5:30pm to close will go to the group. Tomorrow Dishcrawl, a progressive tasting event, will finish its night at the Penny downtown around 9 o’clock. If you’re curious, there’s more about Dishcrawl at the the aptly named Thursday a new Edible Monterey Bay comes out, and we’re always curious to see what interesting epicurean adventures they’ve gotten into. Finally, Free Ice Cream First Friday is coming up, keep an eye on our Facebook page for details.

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Dec 31st

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Dear Friends of The Penny Ice Creamery,

As calendar year two of the Penny draws to a close we want to thank you for continuing to grow with us. We had a simply amazing time this year and you all played a big part of that. First off, we have to thank you for voting us Santa Cruz’s favorite ice cream in the Good Times, Santa Cruz Weekly, and Sentinel! This is an incredible honor and we will continue to do our absolute best to validate your trust. Of course you couldn’t stop there, and went and named us “Coolest Cold Treat” in all of the Bay Area, where we were nominated alongside some of our ice cream heroes including BiRite and Three Twins!

Meantime back at the ranch we were keeping our heads down and getting busy in the kitchen. We orchestrated our first annual “Pint of the Month Club” (French Prune & Alambic Brandy, Nasturtium & Huckleberry, Tonka Bean, Vadouvan, Sheep Milk Yogurt, Elderflower Cherry, Black Currant & White Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry Tobacco, Fig & Wort, Salted Butter Caramel, Medjool Date, Black Winter Truffle!), which was great fun. Our one regret is that we couldn’t share these super small batches with more people, so this year we’ll be trying some new things to get more people involved with our exotic flavor adventures.

On the sourcing side, our farm relationships continue to grow and deepen. We had an awesome time working with Frog Hollow on our Peach Partay ice cream and stone fruit seminar through the Santa Cruz Farmers Market Foodshed Project, and we partnered up with Dirty Girl Produce at the Eat Real Festival in Oakland to talk ice cream and strawberries. Maintaining our commitment to sustainability through farm visit verification continues to be a top priority, and this year we were all over the place including a visit to the cows that supply our milk and cream at the Moretti Family Dairy.

Looking forward to 2013 we’re excited to be opening the cutest darn scoop shop you ever saw in Pleasure Point, right between Pink Godzilla Sushi and our friends at Verve. Look for it to open in the first or second month of the year. We’ll continue to be at all your favorite events (yeah, we’ve already got our spot staked out for Earth Day) so we look forward to seeing you all over Santa Cruz County!

We love being your ice creamery, and wish you the very best in 2013!


Kendra & Zach
The Penny Ice Creamery

Music circle in front of the Penny Kiosk

A Favorite Moment of 2012

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Dec 30th

Holiday Closures

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We will be closed New Years Eve and New Years Day this year. We will miss our Penny friends, but our families are going to be stoked to have us home for two consecutive days!

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Dec 18th

Health Care for Employees

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When Kendra and I started this business, one of our primary guiding principles was the intention to have a “net regenerative impact” on our community. We identified early on that this needed to start within the community we most directly impact: that of our employees. As everyone knows, how health care is administered in this country has been a source of much debate over the last few years. Costs have continually risen, responsibility for this has been assigned all over the place, but the thing that hasn’t changed is that health care is something everyone needs sooner or later.

It’s taken us longer than we wanted, in part because the target has been moving so rapidly, and in part because, as any small business owner will tell you, there’s always something(s) that needs your immediate attention. Despite the challenges, we are pleased to say that as of December of this year, we are now offering health care coverage to our employees.

We feel that this represents a milestone for us as part of our commitment to become the best business we can. In an industry where “benefits” often means “staff meal”, we want to do our best to demonstrate how it is possible to run a business that is truly sustaining to its people, its communities, and its planet.

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Dec 4th

The Penny Ice Creamery: or How a Small Business Should Be Run

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Have you seen the wonderful documentary short about the Penny put together by XRATS Productions? Check it out:

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Dec 3rd


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We make delicious ice cream, not websites. That said, we felt it was time to upgrade from the site Zach made by hand (!) to something a little more twenty-first century. Please pardon the baking powder while we get it fully cooked!

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