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The Penny Ice Creamery looks to the future by looking to the past. We are committed to participating fully in the local economy, the way businesses did for thousands of years before globalization.

Our area farmer friends include Dirty Girl Farms, Route 1 Farms, Old Creek Farm, Apricot King/Gonzales Orchard, Abounding Mountain Harvest, Happy Boy, Belle Farms, Fogline Farm, Frog Hollow, Twin Girl, Live Earth, Four Sisters, Bee In Harmony, Thomas Farm, Flying Disc Ranch, Freddy Menge, Nagamine Nursery, Tierra Madre, Craig’s Honey, UCSC Farm & Garden, Knoll Farm, Love Apple, Ortiz Family Farm, Tiny Acres, Wilson Farm, Kashiwase, Windmill Farm, Food What?!, Tomatero, Pinnacle, Freddy Guys, Schmidt Family Farm, Homeless Garden Project, Swanton Berry Farm, and Pie Ranch among others.

[Farm Map]

And we source from local artisans including Verve Coffee Roasters, Plumline Jam, Hidden Peak Tea House, Artisan Elixers, Sparky’s Root Beer, Osocalis Distillery, Birichino Wines, Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing, and Santa Cruz Aleworks.

Christian Nielsen is our architect, our builder is Santa Cruz Green Builders, our plumber is Cris Reed, our electricians are Tor Stark and Don Hartley, and our man who knows everything is Paul Ronzano. Jason Hall handles our refrigeration needs. We get our biocompostable paper products at Coast Paper & Supply. Our t-shirts are screened at Notorious Teaze. Bobby’s Pit Stop takes care of our truck. Legal services come from Baskin & Grant. Our Internet comes from Cruzio, and we bank with Lighthouse. We are members of Community Alliance with Family Farmers, CCOF, and Think Local First Santa Cruz.

The Penny Ice Creamery is continually engaged in local philanthropy through a wide variety of mechanisms. From in house benefits, to event participation, to raffle donations, we continually lend a hand in support of local organizations. If you would like the Penny to participate in supporting your organization please contact us.