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Health Care for Employees

When Kendra and I started this business, one of our primary guiding principles was the intention to have a “net regenerative impact” on our community. We identified early on that this needed to start within the community we most directly impact: that of our employees. As everyone knows, how health care is administered in this country has been a source of much debate over the last few years. Costs have continually risen, responsibility for this has been assigned all over the place, but the thing that hasn’t changed is that health care is something everyone needs sooner or later.

It’s taken us longer than we wanted, in part because the target has been moving so rapidly, and in part because, as any small business owner will tell you, there’s always something(s) that needs your immediate attention. Despite the challenges, we are pleased to say that as of December of this year, we are now offering health care coverage to our employees.

We feel that this represents a milestone for us as part of our commitment to become the best business we can. In an industry where “benefits” often means “staff meal”, we want to do our best to demonstrate how it is possible to run a business that is truly sustaining to its people, its communities, and its planet.

Zachary Davis

Zachary Davis

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