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For Immediate Release: The Penny Ice Creamery Transparency Report

You may be aware of information coming to light regarding how the National Security Agency (NSA) gathers information on people in this country and around the world. You may also be aware that some companies, such as Yahoo, are releasing reports detailing their interactions with the NSA and the information they disclose.

Here at the Penny Ice Creamery we want you to know that your information is safe with us. If you eat ice cream before lunch on Tuesdays, we won’t tell. If you only ever get Tahitian Vanilla Bean ice cream, even though your girlfriend is always urging you to try new flavors, that’s ok (and let’s be honest, that vanilla is pretty darn amazing). If you like the toasted marshmallow fluff because it tastes good but also because, well, you know, blow torches are kinda neat, nobody has to know. If you ordered the chocolate sorbet with a huge smile on your face, took a bite before you even paid, and then cried a little bit from sheer joy, we know who you are, but we’re not going to tell.

True, we’ve never actually had any inquiries from the NSA about who likes their scoop in a cone, and who likes it in a dish with cone crumble on top, but if anyone starts poking around wanting to know who tried the kale ice cream when we had it a couple weeks ago they’ll get nothing from us. We strongly believe that whatever goes on between you and your delicious treat from the Penny Ice Creamery is your business, and we will work hard to keep it that way.

Zachary Davis

Zachary Davis

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