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The Penny Ice Creamery is the only ice cream shop in Santa Cruz, and one of just a handful in the nation, that makes ice cream completely from scratch. We are state licensed pasteurizers with a facility inspected and approved by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. This means we’re not forced to buy a pre-mixed ice cream base, but instead we’re free craft each recipe, sourcing each ingredient individually, to yield the ultimate flavor profile. This also means we can make sure that no stabilizers, gums, artificial flavors, or preservatives get in.

We make American ice cream. Our Vanilla ice cream recipe is the same one written by Thomas Jefferson: “2. bottles of good cream. 6. yolks of eggs. 1/2 lb. sugar. A stick of Vanilla” and nothing else.

We are at the forefront of Third Wave Ice Cream, a movement that is about returning to artisan techniques and replacing technology with skill and care. At the Penny we do everything by hand. Our cones are baked one at a time and each one is rolled by hand. Fresh fruit comes into our shop whole, and is quickly processed in our kitchen to fully capture its essence. We don’t rely on purees, concentrates, or flavorings, instead, under the direction of Chef Kendra Baker, we combine traditional culinary methods with modern and whimsical flavors to devise truly unique ice cream creations.

We work directly with farmers, and let them tell us what is in season and amazing. Then we turn it into delicious ice cream. We are blessed to be in one of the most diverse and bountiful agricultural regions of the world, and we use not only farmed ingredients but foraged ingredients as well. You may see ice creams flavored with candy cap mushrooms, new growth pine needle tips, and wild fennel. But we love the classics as well; our Rocky Lane ice cream is a traditional delight, and of course we make the marshmallows ourselves.